Control Pro Tools from Maschine

Pro Command MIDI allows comprehensive control over your Pro Tools sessions from the Maschine hardware.

Navigate through your timeline, adjust levels/pan, and play instruments with fast and intuitive workflows.

Pro Command MIDI is an app that runs in the background and translates between Maschine's MIDI messages and Pro Tools' HUI commands.

Control Playback

Play and Rec buttons work just like they should.  The Restart button starts playback from the beginning and reloops playback from where it was started.

The Erase button functions as a modifier, allowing knobs to be reset and display additional conrols.

Navigate your Session

In Navigate mode, the four blue pads move your cursor up, down, left, and right in your session.

The four purple pads allow you to zoom in and out both horizontally and vertically.

The two white pads allow you to jump to the start and end of your session.

Play Instruments

A Pad Mode is built into Pro Command MIDI so you can quickly switch between navigating your session and playing an instrument all from the same Maschine controller and without having to switch templates or modes.

Find your Mark

In Scene mode, the fourteen purple pads allow you to jump to location markers in your Pro Tools session.

Holding the Erase button and pressing a pad will assign that pad's marker to the cursor's current location.

The two white pads allow you to jump to the start and end of your session.

Displays and Channel Controls

Abbreviated track names will be displayed on screens of non-Mikro Maschine models.

The knob beneath each channel name can be used to control its volume level and pan.

The button above each channel name can be used to mute, solo, and select the track.

Control 32+ Channels

Eight channels are controlled in each of the four groups (A-D) for a total of thirty-two tracks controlled at once.

The E, F, G, and H group buttons can be used to change which channels are controlled by Pro Command MIDI, making it easy to switch between controlling different parts of your large session.

Jog & Shuttle

Turn the Jog Wheel on Maschine Studio to jog through your session.

Press the Jog Wheel and turn to make a selection.  Then, use the Copy, Paste, and Clear buttons to manipulate your selection or move it around your session.

Footswitch Playback

Start and stop playback of your Pro Tools session by connecting a footswitch to Maschine Studio's footswitch ports.

This can be especially useful for solo recording artists: no need to run from the computer to the microphone, just put a footswitch nearby!

Master Fader

Maschine Studio's master knob and volume meter will display and control the volume levels for the first track controlled by Pro Command MIDI, regardless of which group is currently selected.  If you move your session's Master Fader track to the top of your session, this will give you quick access to it.

Pro Tools
Pro Command MIDI
Controller Editor
Maschine Hardware

How it Works

Pro Command MIDI runs quietly in the background, translating between Maschine's MIDI messages and Pro Tools' HUI commands.

Pro Command MIDI includes pre-built templates for each Maschine model (except Jam) that are loaded into Controller Editor.  These templates allow the Pro Command MIDI app to communicate with the Maschine hardware.

How it Looks

Pro Command MIDI works in the background and appears as an icon in the menu bar.  If desired, it will launch at login and, after setup, you will forget it is even there!

Built-in Setup Guide

Accessible from the menu, the setup guide walks the user through the entire setup process, staying on top of other windows for convenience.

Built-in User Guide

Built-in tutorials for each controller model are available from the menu.


Maschine Hardware: Maschine, Maschine Mikro, Maschine MkII, Maschine Mikro MkII, Maschine Studio

Pro Tools Software: Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD v6.1+
(Unfortunately, Pro Tools First does not support external controllers.)

Operating System: OS X 10.10+, macOS 10.12+

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